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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
127-Feb-20133D reconstruction from MRI imagesAnderla, Andraš ; Brkljač, Branko ; Stefanović, Darko ; Krsmanović C.; Sladojević, Srđan ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko 
21-Sep-2016Assessing the success of e-government systems: An employee perspectiveStefanović, Darko ; Marjanović, Uglješa ; Delić, Milan; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Lalić, Bojan 
31-Jul-2016Computational Modeling of Affective Qualities of Abstract PaintingsSartori A.; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Yan Y.; Job R.; Sebe N.
41-Jan-2016Deep Neural Networks Based Recognition of Plant Diseases by Leaf Image ClassificationSladojević, Srđan ; Arsenović, Marko ; Anderla, Andraš ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Stefanović, Darko 
51-Jan-2014Echocardiographic parameters as predictors of in-hospital mortality in patients with acute coronary syndrome undergoing percutaneous coronary interventionMiroslava Sladojević; Srđan Sladojević ; Dubravko Ćulibrk ; Snežana Tadić ; Robert Jung 
64-Feb-2014Evaluating the role of content in subjective video quality assessmentMirković, Milan; Vrgović, Petar ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Stefanović, Darko ; Anderla, Andraš 
730-Dec-2014Image processing method for automatic discrimination of hoverfly speciesCrnojević, Vladimir; Panić, Marko; Brkljač, Branko ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Ačanski, Jelena ; Vujičić, Ana
82014Image Processing Method for Automatic Discrimination of Hoverfly SpeciesCrnojević Vladimir; Panić Marko ; Brkljač Branko ; Ćulibrk Dubravko ; Ačanski Jelena ; Vujić Ante 
91-Jun-2017Integer arithmetic approximation of the HoG algorithm used for pedestrian detectionSladojević, Srđan ; Anderla, Andraš ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Stefanović, Darko ; Lalić, Bojan 
1016-Feb-2018Job satisfaction, organizational commitment and job involvement: The mediating role of job involvementĆulibrk, Jelena ; Delić, Milan; Mitrović, Dušanka; Ćulibrk, Dubravko 
111-Jan-2013MR image based approach for metal artifact reduction in X-ray CTAnderla, Andraš ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Delso G.; Mirković, Milan
121-Jan-2019PathGame: Crowdsourcing Time-Constrained Human Solutions for the Travelling Salesperson ProblemDumnić, Boris ; Dupljanin, Đorđije ; Božović V.; Ćulibrk, Dubravko 
1314-Dec-2011Prediction of gas-particle partitioning of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons based on M5′ model treesRadonić, Jelena ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Miloradov M.; Kukić, Branislav; Sekulić M.
141-Mar-2019Self Paced Deep Learning for Weakly Supervised Object DetectionSangineto E.; Nabi M.; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Sebe N.
1510-Apr-2017Suppression of metal artefacts in CT using virtual singorams and corresponding MR imagesAnderla, Andraš ; Sladojević, Srđan ; Delso G.; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Mirković, Milan; Stefanović, Darko 
1613-Jan-2016Unveiling Spatial Epidemiology of HIV with Mobile Phone DataBrdar, Sanja ; Gavrić K.; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Crnojević, Vladimir