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Title: 3D reconstruction from MRI images
Authors: Anderla, Andraš 
Brkljač, Branko 
Stefanović, Darko 
Krsmanović C.
Sladojević, Srđan 
Ćulibrk, Dubravko 
Issue Date: 27-Feb-2013
Journal: Metalurgia International
Abstract: 3D reconstruction takes important place in medicine. Obtained models can help doctors in better visualization of human organs and make it easier and more accurate to diagnose and prescribe therapy for the patient. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) produces two dimensional images that represent different cross-sections of the appropriate part of the human body. In this paper method for 3D reconstruction from MRI images using CAD solution SolidWorks is proposed. Prior to importing plane curves to SolidWorks, a novel image segmentation approach based on image processing techniques is applied to isolate the proper body structure from the image. The results show that it is possible to create a realistic model which is accurate enough for medical purposes. The next step will be to create a model with complete internal structure and a physical model using Rapid Prototyping technique.
ISSN: 15822214
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