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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Feb-20133D reconstruction from MRI imagesAnderla, Andraš ; Brkljač, Branko ; Stefanović, Darko ; Krsmanović C.; Sladojević, Srđan ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko 
1-Sep-2016Assessing the success of e-government systems: An employee perspectiveStefanović, Darko ; Marjanović, Uglješa ; Delić, Milan; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Lalić, Bojan 
2012AUTOMATIC HOVERFLY SPECIES DISCRIMINATIONBrkljač Branko ; Panić Marko ; Ćulibrk Dubravko ; Crnojević Vladimir; Ačanski Jelena ; Vujić Ante 
1-Dec-2007Automatic kernel width selection for neural network based video object segmentationĆulibrk, Dubravko ; Socek D.; Marques O.; Furht B.
26-Dec-2011A comparative study of spatial, temporal and content-based patterns emerging in YouTube and FlickrMirkovic M.; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Papadopoulos S.; Zigkolis C.; Kompatsiaris Y.; McArdle G.; Crnojevic V.
1-Dec-2013Comparison of compression performance of 10-bit vs. 8-bit depth, under H.264 Hi422 profileRuiz D.; Sladojević, Srđan ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Fernandez-Escribano G.
1-Jul-2016Computational Modeling of Affective Qualities of Abstract PaintingsSartori A.; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Yan Y.; Job R.; Sebe N.
12-Jun-2012Data-driven approach to dynamic visual attention modellingĆulibrk, Dubravko ; Sladojević, Srđan ; Riche N.; Mancas M.; Crnojević V.
1-Jan-2016Deep Neural Networks Based Recognition of Plant Diseases by Leaf Image ClassificationSladojević, Srđan ; Arsenović, Marko ; Anderla, Andraš ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Stefanović, Darko 
1-Dec-2011Detecting attractive locations and tourists' dynamics using geo-referenced imagesGavric K.; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Lugonja, Predrag ; Mirkovic M.; Crnojevic V.
11-Apr-2013Dynamic saliency models and human attention: A comparative study on videosRiche N.; Mancas M.; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Crnojević, Vladimir; Gosselin B.; Dutoit T.
1-Dec-2013Dynamic texture recognition based on compression artifactsĆulibrk, Dubravko ; Mancas M.; Crnojević, Vladimir
1-Jan-2014Echocardiographic parameters as predictors of in-hospital mortality in patients with acute coronary syndrome undergoing percutaneous coronary interventionMiroslava Sladojević; Srđan Sladojević ; Dubravko Ćulibrk ; Snežana Tadić ; Robert Jung 
20-Nov-2009Efficient wavelet based detection of moving objectsAntić, Boris ; Crnojević V.; Ćulibrk, Dubravko 
4-Feb-2014Evaluating the role of content in subjective video quality assessmentMirković, Milan; Vrgović, Petar ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Stefanović, Darko ; Anderla, Andraš 
27-Nov-2009Feature selection for neural-network based no-reference video quality assessmentĆulibrk, Dubravko ; Kukolj, Dragan ; Vasiljević P.; Pokrić M.; Zlokolica V.
1-Jan-2015Full-reference SSIM metric for video quality assessment with saliency-based featuresRomani E.; da Silva W.; Fonseca K.; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Pohl A.
30-Dec-2014Image processing method for automatic discrimination of hoverfly speciesCrnojević, Vladimir; Panić, Marko; Brkljač, Branko ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Ačanski, Jelena ; Vujičić, Ana
2014Image Processing Method for Automatic Discrimination of Hoverfly SpeciesCrnojević Vladimir; Panić Marko ; Brkljač Branko ; Ćulibrk Dubravko ; Ačanski Jelena ; Vujić Ante 
1-Jun-2017Integer arithmetic approximation of the HoG algorithm used for pedestrian detectionSladojević, Srđan ; Anderla, Andraš ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Stefanović, Darko ; Lalić, Bojan