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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
127-Feb-20133D reconstruction from MRI imagesAnderla, Andraš ; Brkljač, Branko ; Stefanović, Darko ; Krsmanović C.; Sladojević, Srđan ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko 
21-Jan-2019Analysis of the influence of direction of helical teeth in the universal helical gear reducer on service life of the bearings that support the reducer shaftRackov, Milan ; Kuzmanović, S.; Knežević, Ivan ; Čavić, Maja ; Penčić, Marko ; Stefanović, Darko ; Dragoi M.
31-Sep-2016Assessing the success of e-government systems: An employee perspectiveStefanović, Darko ; Marjanović, Uglješa ; Delić, Milan; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Lalić, Bojan 
428-Feb-2017Automated monitoring of HTTP live streaming QoE factors on Android STBKovačević, Marko; Kovacevic B.; Stefanović, Darko ; Novak, Aniko
51-Jan-2019Automatic domain modeling for human–robot interactionSavić S.; Gnjatović, Milan ; Stefanović, Darko ; Lalić, Bojan ; Maček N.
68-Jan-2016Automation of Nordig verification for digital TV receiversKomadina V.; Zloh J.; Banika D.; Stefanović, Darko 
71-Jan-2014Breast volume estimation from systematic series of CT scans using the Cavalieri principle and 3D reconstructionMirela Erić ; Andraš Anderla ; Darko Stefanović ; Miodrag Drapšin 
81-Jan-2013Cloud-based personalization framework for end-user set-top box applicationsMihailovic V.; Mirković, Stefan; Bjelica, Milan; Stefanović, Darko ; Spasojevic D.
927-Mar-2018Deep learning powered automated tool for generating image based datasetsArsenović, Marko ; Sladojević, Srđan ; Anderla, Andraš ; Stefanović, Darko ; Lalić, Bojan 
101-Jan-2016Deep Neural Networks Based Recognition of Plant Diseases by Leaf Image ClassificationSladojević, Srđan ; Arsenović, Marko ; Anderla, Andraš ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Stefanović, Darko 
1124-Dec-2013Effects of reactive filters based on modified zeolite in dairy industry wastewater treatment processKolaković S.; Stefanović, Darko ; Milićević, Dragan ; Trajković, S.; Milenković S.; Kolaković S.; Andelković L.
122011Empirical study of student satisfaction in e-learning system environmentStefanović, Darko ; Drapšin, Miodrag ; Nikolić, Jelena; Šćepanović, Danijela; Rađo, Izet; Drid, Patrik 
134-Feb-2014Evaluating the role of content in subjective video quality assessmentMirković, Milan; Vrgović, Petar ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Stefanović, Darko ; Anderla, Andraš 
141-Jan-2014Evaluation of diagnostic parameters from parotid and submandibular dynamic salivary glands scintigraphy and unstimulated sialometry in Sjögren's syndromeDugonjic S.; Stefanović, Darko ; Signurovic B.; Spasić-Jokić V.; Ajdinović B.
1523-Oct-2017FaceTime - Deep learning based face recognition attendance systemArsenović, Marko ; Sladojević, Srđan ; Anderla, Andraš ; Stefanović, Darko 
161-Jan-2014Framework for automatic testing of Set-Top boxesKovačević, Marko; Kovačević, Branislav ; Pekovic V.; Stefanović, Darko 
175-Jan-2018Implementation of a sub-system for DIAL verification within HbbTV test environmentNovak, Aniko; Stefanović, Darko ; Pekovic V.; Šoškić, Nenad 
181-Jun-2017Integer arithmetic approximation of the HoG algorithm used for pedestrian detectionSladojević, Srđan ; Anderla, Andraš ; Ćulibrk, Dubravko ; Stefanović, Darko ; Lalić, Bojan 
192011Investigating ERP systems success from the end user perspectiveStefanović, Darko ; Mirković, Milan ; Anderla, Andraš ; Drapšin, Miodrag ; Drid, Patrik ; Rađo, Izet
201-Jan-2017New approach to information systems engineering study program to meet industry expectationsStevanov, Branislav ; Stefanović, Darko ; Anderla, Andraš ; Sladojević, Srđan ; Tasić, Nemanja