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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Nov-2020A person-centered approach in studying coronavirus pandemic response: The role of HEXACO-PI-R and PANAS dimensionsBranovački Bojan ; Sadiković Selka ; Smederevac Snežana ; Mitrović Dušanka ; Pajić, Dejan 
1-Jan-2014Personality prototypes based on dimensions of the revised reinforcement sensitivity theory among prisoners and non-prisonersMitrović Dušanka ; Smederevac Snežana ; Čolović Petar ; Kodžopeljić Jasmina ; Dinić Bojana 
31-Mar-2023Personality Traits and Perception of Parenting: The Comparative Twin Study from Germany and SerbiaMilovanović Ilija ; Mitrović Dušanka ; Branovački Bojan ; Sadiković Selka ; Riemann Rainer; Kodžopeljić Jasmina 
1-Apr-2018Personality traits in the Serbian language: Structure and procedural effectsDe Raad B.; Smederevac, Snežana ; Čolović, Petar ; Mitrović, Dušanka 
1-Dec-2009Personality traits, age and sex as predictors for self-handicapping tendencyČolović, Petar ; Smederevac, Snežana ; Mitrović, Dušanka 
30-Dec-2010Research of the organizational changes model in maritime companiesMitrović, Dušanka ; Ralević, Nebojša 
1-Jan-2015Roles in violent interactions in early adolescence: Relations with personality traits, friendship and genderČolović Petar ; Kodžopeljić Jasmina ; Mitrović Dušanka ; Dinić Bojana ; Smederevac Snežana 
1-Mar-2014School Bullying in Adolescence and Personality Traits: A Person-Centered ApproachKodžopeljić Jasmina ; Smederevac Snežana ; Mitrović Dušanka ; Dinić Bojana ; Čolović Petar 
26-Dec-2019Serbian Twin RegistrySnežana Smederevac ; Dušanka Mitrović ; Selka Sadiković ; Ilija Milovanović ; Bojan Branovački ; Bojana Dinić ; Željka Nikolašević ; Jasmina Kodžopeljić ; Vojislava Bugarski Ignjatović ; Marija Semnic ; Tijana Vujanić-Stankov ; Nataša Vučinić ; Milan Oljača ; Dejan Pajić ; Aleksandra Stojadinović ; Tatjana Krstić ; Aleksandra Milutinović 
3-Apr-2018A Short Measure of the Revised Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory–RSQ17Čolović Petar ; Smederevac Snežana ; Oljača, Milan ; Nikolašević Željka ; Mitrović Dušanka 
May-2020Situational Experience around the World: A Replication and Extension in 62 CountriesLee, Daniel I.; Gardiner, Gwendolyn; Baranski, Erica; Members of the International Situations Project; Smederevac, Snežana ; Mitrović, Dušanka ; Čolović, Petar ; Oljača, Milan ; Funder David C.
1-Jan-2007The structure of the lexical personality descriptors in serbian languageSmederevac, Snežana ; Mitrović, Dušanka ; Čolović, Petar 
2005Tipološki pristup dimenzijama evaluacije drugih = Typological Approach to the Dimensions of Evaluating OthersMitrović, Dušanka ; Čolović, Petar ; Smederevac, Snežana 
2020Unrealistic optimism and HEXACO traits as predictors of risk perception and compliance with COVID-19 preventive measures during the first wave of pandemicOljača Milan ; Sadiković Selka ; Branovački Bojan ; Pajić Dejan ; Smederevac Snežana ; Mitrović Dušanka 
1-Jan-2014Validation of the measure of revised reinforcement sensitivity theory constructsSmederevac Snežana ; Mitrović Dušanka ; Čolović Petar ; Nikolašević Željka 
29-Sep-2014Velikih pet plus dva : validacija skraćene verzijeČolović Petar ; Smederevac Snežana ; Mitrović Dušanka 
2021Who in the World Is Trying to Change Their Personality Traits? Volitional Personality Change Among College Students in Six ContinentsErica Baranski; Gwendolyn Gardiner; Daniel Lee; David C. Funder; Members of the International Situations Project; Snežana Smederevac ; Dušanka Mitrović ; Petar Čolović ; Milan Oljača