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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2008An approach to call-by-name delimited continuationsHerbelin H.; Gilezan, Silvia 
21-Jan-2014Binary relations and algebras on multisetsGilezan, Silvia ; Pantović, Jovanka ; Vojvodić G.
328-May-2008Characterizing strong normalization in the Curien-Herbelin symmetric lambda calculus: Extending the Coppo-Dezani heritageDougherty D.; Gilezan, Silvia ; Lescanne P.
41-Dec-2004Classical Proofs, Typed Processes, and Intersection Types Extended AbstractGilezan, Silvia ; Lescanne P.
51-Nov-2015Combining behavioural types with security analysisBartoletti M.; Castellani I.; Deniélou P.; Dezani-Ciancaglini M.; Gilezan, Silvia ; Pantović, Jovanka ; Pérez J.; Thiemann P.; Toninho B.; Vieira H.
61-Jan-2019The Duality of Classical Intersection and Union TypesDownen P.; Ariola Z.; Gilezan, Silvia 
71-Jan-2016Dynamic role authorization in multiparty conversationsGilezan, Silvia ; Jakšić, Svetlana ; Pantović, Jovanka ; Pérez J.; Vieira H.
81-Jan-2016Encoding of multilevel S-threshold functionsPantović, Jovanka ; Gilezan, Silvia ; Žunić J.
91-Jan-2019Formal verification of python software transactional memory based on timed automataKordić, Branislav ; Popović, Miroslav ; Gilezan, Silvia 
101-Jan-2001Full intersection types and topologies in lambda calculusGilezan, Silvia 
111-Dec-1993Inhabitation in intersection and union type assignment systemsGilezan, Silvia 
121-Jan-2000Lambda terms for natural deduction, sequent calculus and cut eliminationBarendregt H.; Gilezan, Silvia 
131-Jan-2017Linked data privacyJakšić, Svetlana ; Pantović, Jovanka ; Gilezan, Silvia 
141-Jan-1997The “Relevance” of intersection and union typesDezani-Ciancaglini M.; Gilezan, Silvia ; Venneri B.
158-Aug-2008Security types for dynamic web dataDezani-Ciancaglini M.; Gilezan, Silvia ; Pantović, Jovanka ; Varacca D.
161-Sep-2007Separating points by parallel hyperplanes-characterization problemGilezan, Silvia ; Pantović, Jovanka ; Žunić J.
171-Jan-1996Strong normalization and typability with intersection typesGilezan, Silvia 
181-Dec-2003Two behavioural lambda modelsDezani-Ciancaglini M.; Gilezan, Silvia