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1-Dec-2012AdaBoost in basketball player identificationIvankovic Z.; Markoski, Branko ; Ivkov, Milan; Radosav, Dragica ; Pecev, Predrag 
17-Jan-2012Applyment of basketball board for decision making in player managementMarkoski, Branko ; Pecev, Predrag ; Ivkovic M.; Ivankovic Z.; Ratgeber L.
1-Jan-2011Augmented reality technologies, systems and applicationsCarmigniani J.; Furht B.; Anisetti M.; Ceravolo P.; Damiani E.; Ivkovic M.
1-Jan-2014Automatic player position detection in basketball gamesIvankovic Z.; Rackov, Milan; Ivkov, Milan
4-May-2011Basket supervisor - collecting statistical data in basketball and net castingVasiljevic P.; Markoski, Branko ; Ivankovic Z.; Ivkovic M.; Setrajcic J.; Milosevic Z.
26-Oct-2011Features and security aspects of FASS subsystemMarkoski, Branko ; Ivankovic Z.; Ivkovic M.; Radosav, Dragica ; Pecev, Predrag 
1-Dec-2013Modeling of an ontology of the administrative taskArsovski S.; Markoski, Branko ; Pecev, Predrag ; Lacmanović, Dejan ; Ivkov, Milan
1-Dec-2010Resolution method for one passage symbolic testing of ramified program structuresMarkoski, Branko ; Ivankovic Z.; Ivkovic M.; Radosav, Dragica ; Berkovic I.
16-Feb-2012A solution for remote PC access and management - R.A.T.S. - Extended reviewIvkovic M.; Pecev, Predrag ; Markoski, Branko ; Ivankovic Z.; Ratgeber L.
26-Oct-2010Use of bulk operation to speed up queriesIvankovic Z.; Markoski, Branko ; Ivkovic M.; Radosav, Dragica ; Berkovic I.