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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2010Adaptive content-based music retrieval systemKovačević, Aleksandar ; Milosavljević, Branko ; Konjović Z.; Vidaković, Milan 
1-Sep-2011Automatic extraction of metadata from scientific publications for CRIS systemsKovačević, Aleksandar ; Ivanović D.; Milosavljević, Branko ; Konjović Z.; Surla D.
9-Nov-2012Business process management in sustainable property/asset management by using the totalobserverMilosavljević, Branko ; Čongradac, Velimir ; Veličković J.; Prebiračević B.
21-Jul-2010A CERIF-compatible research management system based on the MARC 21 formatIvanović D.; Milosavljević, Gordana ; Milosavljević, Branko ; Surla D.
1-Jan-2016Computer aided anonymization and redaction of judicial documentsSladić, Goran ; Gostojić, Stevan ; Milosavljević, Branko ; Konjović Z.; Milosavljević, Gordana 
1-Jan-2013Context-sensitive access control model for business processesSladić, Goran ; Milosavljević, Branko ; Konjović Z.
1-Apr-2012Context-Sensitive Access Control Model for Government ServicesGostojić, Stevan ; Sladić, Goran ; Milosavljević, Branko ; Konjović Z.
1-Jan-2018Context-sensitive constraints for access control of business processesMilosavljević, Gordana ; Sladić, Goran ; Milosavljević, Branko ; Zarić, Miroslav ; Gostojić, Stevan ; Slivka, Jelena 
9-Nov-2012Control of the lighting system using a genetic algorithmČongradac, Velimir ; Milosavljević, Branko ; Veličković J.; Prebiračević B.
19-Oct-2016Crypto-tutor: An educational tool for learning modern cryptographyLuburić, Nikola ; Stojkov, Milan ; Savić, Goran ; Sladić, Goran ; Milosavljević, Branko 
1-Jan-2002Design of an XML-based extensible multimedia information retrieval systemMilosavljević, Branko ; Konjovic Z.
1-Jan-2016Detection of carbapenemase genes in Klebsiella pneumoniae isolatesMihajlović-Ukropina M.; Trudić, Anika ; Jelesić Z.; Medić D.; Milosavljević, Branko ; Zivlak, Branka 
1-Jan-2015Enhancement of image content for observers with colour vision deficienciesMilić, Neda; Novaković, Đorđe; Milosavljević, Branko 
1-Dec-2007Extensible access control model for XML document collectionsSladić, Goran ; Milosavljević, Branko ; Konjovic Z.
8-Oct-2012Flexible access control framework for MARC recordsSladić, Goran ; Milosavljević, Branko ; Surla D.; Konjović Z.
1-Jan-2019A framework for teaching security design analysis using case studies and the hybrid flipped classroomLuburić, Nikola ; Sladić, Goran ; Slivka, Jelena ; Milosavljević, Branko 
30-Jul-2009A library circulation system for city and special librariesTešendić, Danijela ; Milosavljević, Branko ; Surla D.
1-Apr-2012Mining methodologies from NLP publications: A case study in automatic terminology recognitionKovačević, Aleksandar ; Konjović Z.; Milosavljević, Branko ; Nenad, G. 
12-Dec-2012Modeling context for access control systemsSladić, Goran ; Milosavljević, Branko ; Konjović Z.
13-Feb-2009Modelling and implementation of catalogue cards using FreeMarkerRadjenovic J.; Milosavljević, Branko ; Surla D.