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1-Jan-2014Globally national - locally international: Bibliometric analysis of a SEE psychology journalPajić, Dejan ; Jevremov , Tanja 
1-Jan-2015Promotions, tenures, and publication behaviours: Serbian examplePajić, Dejan ; Jevremov , Tanja 
1-Jan-2019Publication and citation patterns in the social sciences and humanities: A national perspectivePajić, Dejan ; Jevremov , Tanja ; Škorić M.
1-Jan-2007Structure of personality psychology based on cocitation analysis of prominent authorsJevremov, Tanja ; Pajić, Dejan ; Šipka Pero
1-Jan-2019Trends in research related to the Dark Triad: A bibliometric analysisDinić, Bojana ; Jevremov , Tanja